The society Rispoli Luigi & C. Srl, been born in 1969 and situated in the south italy, near the famous geck- roman city of Paestum. The company extends on a sur face of 70.000 meters squared, and occupies 150 dependent during the season of production. The company produces: whole peeled tomatoes, chopped tomatoes, strained tomatoes, small willock tomatoes, tomato paste and organic line. Our company has
always prefered quality and accurate selection of the product, beginning in the field and continuing in the production cycle. Since 1994 our company provided the quality certificat iso 9002 and HCCP for give a
further guarantee of product quality, because it exports in particularly demanding markets: USA, Canada, Great Britain, Japan, Scandinavians, Arabic Countries, Low Countries. Our brand is " Mariapina" but the company sells also throught marks private.
The Rispoli has to the shoulders a large acquired experience in many years of job.


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